Ja Morant Doesn’t Care About Iguodala At All

NBA drama is my favorite thing to watch. It honestly is better than any Real Housewives or Bachelor drama. Ja Morant openly clowning and being a little disrespectful towards Iguodala is just good old fashioned entertainment.

Quick backstory, the Warriors traded Iggy to the Grizzlies for a guy who has played 18 games and averages 2 points. Andre since getting to Memphis has wanted to be bought out or traded to a team he feels is a contender. Memphis initially said they would trade him but they weren’t going to trade him just because he wants out, they want a fair return. Which I feel like is understandable, you trade for a veteran leader hoping he’ll help your team out in the long term by helping these 20 year olds and now he refuses to play.

Now yesterday the young guys stopped biting their tongue and are letting their opinions on the situation be heard.

First Dillion Brooks said he can’t wait until they get rid of Andre in an interview and Morant agreed on Twitter. Like a good friend Steph Curry chimed in with this on his Instagram story.

And then Ja dunked him through the Earths crust.

And then Twitter did what it does best.

Warrior fans, who we all know are the worst trash talkers on the internet, found one of Morants old tweets and to be honest it kind of backfired on them.

I kind of feel for Warrior fans here. It sucks when you try and dunk on someone or “expose” them for an old tweet and their just like “yeah I said it and meant it”. Morant is a fan of Curry and has no problem absolutely murdering him for RTs I respect the fuck out of it.

Before all of this I didn’t think much about what the Grizzlies were gonna do with Iggy but now I need them to trade him because I want Morant to put 40 on him or he needs to show up to practice. Imagine all this shit talking and dude just shows up to practice? That would be hilarious. He either needs to show up and not know any of this happened or show up and do what Jimmy Butler did to the Timberwolves before he got traded, just run the starters off the court with the second unit.

I love NBA drama so much.

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