BREAKING: The Red Sox Have Traded Mookie Betts Like The Big Dumb Idiots They Are

The billionaire owner who only a few years ago was okay with breaking the bank for Price and Sale is now not too fond of a guy who won the MVP and the best home grown talent the team has maybe ever seen. The Red Sox are giving Mookie away and every fan should take it as a giant loogie straight from John Henrys old face onto their childrens pillow. Weird analogy I know but I can’t think when morons are defending this decision.

The Red Sox offered him 10 years 300 million which is INSULTING and because Sox fans are dumb and don’t understand how contracts in sports work the Red Sox will be able to say “Look we tried to sign him”. Offering the, I don’t know, second best player in the league less than what Harper got is insulting. You know how I know Red Sox fans are dumb? They thought Mookie asking for 12 years 420 million was just WAY too much. It is like you guys think you’ll make less money a year because this guy makes that much money, oh by the way THAT IS NEGOTIATIONS ARE. They start low, you go high and we meet in the middle.

Days like today make me realize that I am just leaps and bounds smarter and better than most of you. Absolute morons, all of you.

Thanks for everything Mookie, sorry everyone is dumb.

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