Will Andy Reid Go Into The Hall Of Fame As An Eagle Or Chief

Andy Reid cemented his Hall Of Fame career last night with the Super Bowl victory. He was a clear hall of famer prior to the game but the ring takes his legacy to another level. So now the questions that remain are, when will he end up retiring and will he go in as an Eagle or a Chief?

To the first question, when will Reid retire, I think that is all up to one person. His wife? Nope. Patrick Mahomes. If he plays in Kansas City for another 10 years, Reid will be there coaching him. He’s got the best player in the game on his roster and I’d be shocked if the Chiefs aren’t back in the Super Bowl multiple times in the next couple years. Can’t walk away from a possible dynasty. As far as Andy getting fired before he has a chance to step down, completely out of the question. No shot that happens. Kansas City would have to go back to back years of 4-12 or worse for that to be considered. He’s too good of a coach for that to happen. In 21 years of coaching he’s only had 3 losing seasons and never have they come back to back.

So we’re years away from Reid steping down. Whenever that does happen I think we can all agree, even if he doesn’t win another Super Bowl, he will be a top 10 coach of all time. But will he enter the hall of fame as an Eagle or Chief? I think there are only two scenarios that you could make the case that he could enter as an Eagle.

  1. He decides this Super Bowl was all he needed to do and hangs it up. If he retired today, you might be able to make the case he’d go in as an Eagle. A tough case but a case none the less. Of his 21 seasons coaching he spent 14 of them in Philadelphia. He won 130 games there compared to the 77 he’s won in Kansas City. And one of the biggest shockers is he still has a higher playoff winning percentage in Philly. .526 to KC’s .500. Throw in 5 conference title appearances and 6 divisional titles, you have a decent argument. But still, no ring. That is worth years of winning seasons. 1 ring to rule them all.
  2. The other scenario in which he might go down as an Eagle is he does in fact fall flat on his face. I mean hard. He’d have to miss the playoffs next year. Go 8-8 the year after and miss them again the following year. That would no doubt get him fired and at that point he’d most likely retired at age 65. His lasting memory would be as a guy that couldn’t capitalize on Mahomes’ talent and only had one successful season. Once again, I don’t see this happening in anyway. He’s too good and the team is way too talented.

Which brings us to the final verdict. Andy will forever be known as a Chief when the dust settles. I believe he will win at least one more ring and wouldn’t be shocked if he calls it a career at that post game presser. Philly should always have a soft spot in their heart for Andy. He’s still the greatest coach in franchise history, until Doug wins number two of course. But that’s a debate for another day. Even if he enters as a Chief, he did a ton for the Eagles franchise and that shouldn’t be brushed over.

Listen, if you’re one of those bitter Eagles fans that don’t like Andy and were rooting against him. First off, you’re most likely boring at parties. I assume you make the worst small talk and refuse to drink light beer because it’s not, as you would say “complex enough” for your taste. Secondly, grow up. Who cares that he won one outside of Philly? Eagles got theirs without him, Philly moved on and accomplished the ultimate goal. Let the hate go and try enjoying something for once you big ba-hum-bug.

Congrats Andy and Go Birds!

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