To The People Who Think The Halftime Show Was Inappropriate: Grow Up.

The human body is a beautiful thing.  It’s the product of the fascinating miracle of life.  We have males and females.  The male body is built to be the workhorse of the human race.  Hunters.  Gatherers.  The female body is a work of art.  It is meant to be cherished and protected at all costs.

Last night, J Lo and Shakira gave us an absolutely electric performance at halftime of Super Bowl 54.  When I say electric, I’m talking a zillion volts of hotness.  A billion watts of sexy.  A kajillion kilowatts of the hottest shit I’ve ever seen.  It was amazing.  J Lo is 50.  Shakira is 43.  And they couldn’t look better.

However, I’m seeing a lot of negativity about their performance.  A lot of people claiming that it was too sexual, too revealing, and it was essentially pornography.  My question to you is this:  What kind of porn are you watching?  Your mind will be BLOWN if you think this is porn.  You should see some of the shit that’s out there in the furthest corners of the internet.  It’s pretty extreme, and I’m pretty sure it’s illegal in most states.

What is crazy to me, is the people that are bashing this performance are the same people who watch Dancing With the Stars and The Bachelorette.  Have you seen DWTS?  You see more butt cheeks and cleavage on that show every single week than we saw last night.  And the Bachelorette???  One lady dating 25 guys???  But the halftime show is objectifying women?  Get a life.

Where was the outrage when Lizzo dumped her ass cheeks out all over the Lakers game?  Don’t get me wrong – I am loud and proud about my Lizzo fandom.  That’s my girl!  She wants to shake that ass all over my TV?  Go right ahead.  Same goes for J Lo and Shakira.  The more ass cheeks on my TV, the better.

Let these ladies live!  They are middle-aged and can still rock that shit better than a lot of 21 year olds.  If you think their performance was too much – grow up.  There’s much more inappropriate shit on your TV every single day.  I’m talking to you, fans of Naked and Afraid.



Featured Photo – Shannon Stapleton / Reuters via

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