The Sixers Lose By 36 And Now It Looks Like Brett Brown Is Losing The Locker Room


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The Sixers were absolutely demolished in Miami tonight. Listen, if you didn’t think this had letdown written all over it after most of the team went to the Super Bowl the night before in the party capital of the country, then I don’t know what to tell you. But having one of the highest payrolls in the NBA and only having the 6th seed to show for it is very frustrating. And now it looks like the Brett Brown’s favorability in the locker room is becoming an issue.

I thought Brett gave a good answer when speaking about why Joel only got 1 shot in the 3rd quarter. It wasn’t that he struggled with the zone, but more how they were playing him when he caught the ball in the post. I don’t think the question Ky Carlin asked Joel was necessarily framed right, but that didn’t stop Joel from saying if the Sixers want to get him the ball they will. Listen, he’s had a tough stretch since coming back so I’m hoping the animosity more lies there. But it doesn’t help when Joel is this candid about how frustrated he is, Brett Brown is basically telling Joel to get his ass in the paint and get more offensive rebounds and find different ways to score, and Ben Simmons is calling the whole team soft.


Over the next 6 games we have the Bucks twice, a Grizzlies team that plays hard every night, the Clippers, Nets and Bulls. If we go 2-4 over that stretch we’re going into full panic mode.

Also, I’m no body language Doctor, but this didn’t paint the clearest picture that this team actually respects Brett.

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