Super Bowl Party Busted Before It Could Begin

This is extremely messed up.

CNN– Guards at the Santa Rita Jail in California say they dashed prisoners’ plans for a boozy Super Bowl when they confiscated ingredients used to make illegal jailhouse alcohol.

A photo posted on Instagram by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office on Saturday shows about two dozen officers standing behind at least 20 plastic bags of what the sheriff’s office called “Illegally made jail house alcohol from fruit and juice.” One bag appears to be full of oranges.

“There will be no super bowl party at Santa Rita Jail tomorrow. Good work by our team on duty today,” the sheriff’s office post said.


Look at those smug looks on their faces. Bastards.

The bust was made the day before the Super Bowl. Can you imagine your jail house hooch getting taken from you the day before the big game? Another example of the man keeping us down, keep the faith my locked up brothers.

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