Kansas City Reporter Big Time Cry Baby Over Fans Celebrating


Austin is clearly new to this whole internet thing, at least Twitter. Because this is not the place you look for sympathy, especially over something like this. You mean to tell me Kansas City fans in Kansas City are excited about the Kansas City Chiefs winning their first Super Bowl in 50 years??!?! Omg, what’s wrong with these people?

You went into the heart of the celebration, I mean, what were you expecting? That would be like going to the zoo and getting upset that it smells like shit.

Let me give you a little pro tip for you Austin. When fans flip over to your little station after the Chiefs won. It wasn’t to see you break down the scene. No one cares what’s coming out of your face hole. They are all trying to see their friends act like lunatics. You know what would have been real news, if no one was celebrating. Now that is a story. But that’s not how people work.

What value could you possibly be bringing to the shot? “As you can seen Tom the crowd is excited”

No shit Austin, the team just won the Super Bowl you dunce cap. You’re basically the equivalent of a realtor at this celebration. “And over here is a bathroom.”

“Yeah Karen I can see the fucking toilet, I didn’t think I was standing in my living room.”

Not saying realtors and reporters at celebrations aren’t important, it’s that they are completely useless. That’s all.

So Austin, next time this happens, which could be next year with this squad. So you’ve got less than a year to prepare. Let’s put on our party pants before we leave the house and understand people are going to be excited. Don’t be such a wet blanket, have a little fun. I can only imagine what a party at Austin’s one bedroom apartment is like. If I had to venture a guess, I’d say some thing like this.

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