Best Commercials From Super Bowl LIV


The only thing that could top the cuteness of Theodore at the Puppy Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday is old people love.  A lot of companies go with humor/comedy for their Super Bowl spot. But, this one will reside with anyone who’s lost a loved one or even a grandparent and it’s bringing the waterworks with it. Loretta, you sweet sweet angel above, thanks for blessing Super Bowl Sunday.


All time classic Bill Murray movie. Whatever Jeep had to pay him to pull this off, it was worth it. Not only did they pull it off, the original lead in commercial where they just show the alarm clock playing Sonny and Cher’s, “I Got You Babe” gives you PTSD. It’s perfect. And to have some of the original cast of characters involved including Ned…Ryerson?! Just the cherry on top. These aren’t ranked in any order but a Groundhog’s Day movie commercial debuting on Groundhog’s Day is a clear #1.

“Watch that first step, it’s a doozy!”


Oh, Tommy you trolling son of a bitch. This was an awesome play by Hulu to use Tom Brady’s situation and spin it into an extension of their “Hulu has live sports” agenda. Perfect opportunity for them to take that to the next level and highlight all their streaming features. Cable may be dead, but Tom Brady lives forever.



That’s a company who relied on their 23 year old Marketing intern to determine how they were going to reach the 18-25 demographic on Super Bowl Sunday. Paid off big time. Trust the youth to drive you home, millennials are just more creative than Boomers and that’s not ageism when it’s a fact. Knowing the minds of the creators of Rick and Morty, wouldn’t be shocked to see them revisit the Pringles spot at some point during a real episode. Nothing beats the episode where the Sixers and the Clippers are living in two parallel universes. When one action occurs for one team, it simultaneously occurs for the other. Oh wait, no that’s actually real fucking life, that simulation is occurring before our eyes every day.

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