Andy Reid: Ladies Man

That mustache, that cannon of an arm, everything about him, just wow. Andy Reid outdid himself for the first time in his coaching career and I couldn’t be any more excited. All those years with the Eagles, he couldn’t get a ring as a head coach. Now, he’s got the big one.Superbowl Chiefs GIF - Superbowl Chiefs Kc GIFs

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a big Pats guy. The best part of the Superbowl was the Tom Brady Hulu Commercial that literally made it all about him. He kept all of New England guessing and the rest of the country just pissed off Tom had to be in the limelight, even when we lost to the Dolphins. But it’s Andy, fat double cheeseburger, and Hawaiian season.

Andy Reid came off the sidelines as esthetic I’ve ever seen him. It was a great sight to see. He went over to some blonde lady and started doing the kissing thing that people that don’t live with their parents do. I don’t follow Andy’s family life because, well I have my own. But, I was very surprised. 

Last night, this man was on cloud 9. I can tell you exactly what he did. He left the stadium with his wife, drove an hour away to some diner. He then sat down with his wife and ordered an extra double burger with cheese and bacon. He then put the entire thing down and sat there with a smile on his face. He then says something to his Tammy that’s the perfect amount of dad. Along the lines of  “I’m so proud of my boys”, “Should I wear a Hawaiian to the White House?” or “I guess we are going on vacation to Disneyland”. Then, well I’ll let him tell you what happened next:

This morning, in an interview, Andrew said he did sex with his wife. Well kind of. He said I didn’t spend the night with the tropkc chiefs GIF by Kansas City Chiefshy, I spent it with my trophy wife” A+ work on the world play there sir. This man can’t be stopped.

Congratulations on the sex Mr. Reid. Super Bowl is cool and all but a wife that much out of your league? That a real treasure. Keep on keeping on big guy.

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