Jusuf Nurkic Interrupts Damian Lillard’s Interview About Kobe

Hey Jusuf, lets read the room a little bit. You big Bosnian dummy maybe think about the sanctity of the moment. Obviously Dame is going to get asked questions about Kobe. Hell, the 12th man on the Trailblazers is probably going to provide a quote about the game and what Kobe’s legacy meant to him.

You even know how special the moment is you clout chaser. Posting thirst traps looking like a guy who tries to sell you Molly outside of the MGM in Vegas.

Maybe tweet out that Dame is a “Bad MF man”. Tell him in the locker room or on the team plane what he means to you. Because on ESPN in front of millions after he played an emotional game and scored 48 points is not it. I’m pretty sure Dame strangled Nurkić by his dumbass pendent necklace in the locker room.

Add this one to the awkward interview Hall Of Fame with Blake Griffin and Stan Van Gundy