The Kobe & GiGi Back Tat Tribute Is The First One I Disagree With

Listen I love every Kobe tribute. I’ve blogged four different ones just this week. Everyone loves a great Kobe and GiGi tribute. That Lakers tribute was awesome. But being 45 years old with a full back tattoo of Kobe and his 13 year old daughter is just not the move to honor their legacy. I mean you live in LA. You wear a shirt maybe 5x a year. This is going to get weird in a couple years. I don’t think Kobe thought one day he’d be on someone’s back with his daughter. Could you imagine if tattoos ever come up in the conversation? Back tat guy is like yea I have a Gaelic Cross on my right pec, my kids names on the inside of my bicep, and oh yea, Kobe and his daughter take over my whole back.

Honestly, this guy probably heard the news and reacted in the moment. Listen I’ve done dumb things while in the moment. The balls on back tat guy to just show up to Staples shirtless with that. He definitely has about 3 months of a grace period before it gets weird. Let’s just all agree we’re not getting back tats as a tribute to anyone close to us that’s passed.

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