Mathisse Thybulle Will Make Everyone Regret He Wasn’t Selected For The Rising Stars Game



Hey NBA All- Star assistant coaches you’ve done fucked up now! The most ferocious defender since Tony Allen doesn’t need your silly Rookie/Sophomore game. He’s too busy threatening to be the first ever rookie to make first team all defense. No shit he wasn’t selected for the Rising Stars challenge. No one came to watch defense during All Star Weekend. Mathisse is #1 in steals and top 5 in blocks for Rookies. He’s taking this generation’s best player lunch money as a rookie!



What other rookie has the basketball IQ to not fall for a Danny Green fake? NONE!


The NBA can’t have their next generation Golden Boys Luka Doncic and Ja Morant getting their pockets picked by the quickest hands since John Stockton. If people rather watch Mo Wagner waddle around on the court instead of the un-measurable length of Mathisse Thybulle be my guest. I rather keep him locked underground like he’s my little Area 51 alien. 

Zion got selected and he’s played four more career games then I have in the NBA. I understand the All Star Weekend is all about hookers and pageantry, which comes before the other I don’t know.

I’m telling you though this is all a positive. Mathisse Thybulle may be the nicest guy in the league. Just 77 inches of genuine curiosity and joy. Look at this guy:


But there comes a time when you just need to unleash the monster when someone wrongs you and now is that time. Mathisse is putting up these kind of numbers with no chip on his shoulder. Now he has one. He’s going to turn into Gary Payton reincarnated, just motherfucking everyone in the league. He’s going to develop a split personality in the 2nd half of the season. When that ball goes up, he just morphs into a trash talking  ball-hawk, hell bent on that time a bunch of Assistant coaches didn’t let him play in a amateur game in Chicago. The entire league is now on notice. 

No biscuits for anyone.

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