Jennifer Lopez And A Fan Look Ready For Sunday



Was this photo taken at a J. Lo Meet & Greet? Is this one of the Halftime Show producers? I mean you could’ve given me 100 guesses and I would’ve never guessed that was Shakira. You’re telling me this:


Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 8.45.19 PM


And this. Are the same person?




Shakira made a living off of being one of the sexiest women alive, but I think she met her match in J. Lo. J. Lo is always ready for a 12 round Championship fight, while Shakira thought it was going to be a nice sparring session at the local gym. Shakira looks like she’s breaking through her puberty awkward stage.

Younger Kyle thanks each of them, and TRL, for turning him from a boy into a man in the 2000s. Everyone needs to watch the “Hips Don’t Lie” video. I mean Shakira’s ass should’ve been liquified in gold, and a shrine built to it in all major cities.






I mean if you’re Shakira you have to murder your PR Team. They have to have eyes on J. Lo at all times. What did she say in interviews? What is she wearing today? Are there going to be cameras? Is this a casual throw something on event or is the NFL going to blast out my Guns & Roses bedtime shirt to 30+ million fans on Twitter and Instagram?

If I know Shakira like I think I do we are in for a show on Sunday. She’s going to get word that people think she looks like a nursing student changing bedpans. She might show up with as little clothes as possible required by the FCC, just so people remember at 43 she’s still got it. Us the viewers win the in the long run, which is all you can ask for.

Obligatory prime J. Lo and Shakira:

Shakira-Hot-Images-In-BikiniShakira-Hot-Photoshoot-3shakira-hot-1wnfunShakira-Hot-1download (14)


jennifer-lopez-green-versace-grammys-dress-embed20225207_139626469956715_4616656253366566912_n_1532411630__rend_9_16b7130b3db8cd5e61b79b02fe34bd20a8_md8f126b24de675f2b3c0c78d6e27b42611469187090-jennifer-lopez-birthday-2015s-l30054511736_316967565645454_8578839487780592093_n_1563975086__rend_9_16download (15)

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