Is This The Way A CEO Should Act?

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When you think of a CEO running a $450 million dollar company, you think a CEO should be acting professional at all times, right? Suit, briefcase, clean cut, old. Straight edges no flaws. Appearance is everything, said CEO should never be seen fraternizing with the companies employees, have to keep the wall between the bullpen and c-suite. You have an image in your head? You’re probably thinking of this….


Let me tell you this, that is the last fucking person I want leading me into battle on a pirate ship. I want my CEO to be a killer, they need to be relentless and never say “quit”. I want this…..

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I would follow Erika Nardini to the depths of Hell. Not only business savvy, she is a leader and a very hard worker. I love this article, from 2017, about her texting potential employees on the weekend to see if they’ll get back within a 3 hour window. Just cause you’re sitting at home in your underwear, doesn’t mean you’re off work. It’s not work-life balance, it’s work-life integration. Gorden Gekko said it best, “Money Never Sleeps”.

Having a two year old daughter and another daughter on the way (#girldad), I’ll point to Erika to be their role model. I can’t show, or explain, to my daughters how to break the glass ceiling. I have zero experience breaking into senior management, also I’m very content being middle management and part-time blogger. I can provide a hammer to help them make a crack in it, but I honestly don’t know how to explain it. However, I can show them Erika’s story taking Barstool to the Moon. Or have them read the ‘Erika Nardini Story’. I have to assume she’ll write a book in the future. If she does, my girls will be reading it.

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