Is This Beefcake My Doppelgänger?

Everyone has a doppelganger out there somewhere. And I think I may have just found mine. What do you guys think? Close right? Like two guys looking into a mirror.


I’m going to be super humble and honest with you here. He is a little bit bigger than me and that’s ok. Would I have huge guns as well if I were a model and had time to just do curls all day? Yeah, probably bigger than this beefcakes’. But I can’t do that all day. I have a job and an internet empire to try and build.

Something that needs to be stated is that you can see, very clearly might I add, I am so much tanner. That’s not nothin. Tan > Beefcake. Ask a girl what they like what do they say? Tall, dark and handsome.

Tall: impossible to tell but I’m going to give myself the win in this category because I can.

Dark: Ding, ding ding, we have a winner!! That’s me again. I tan one day and I stay that way until Christmas.

Handsome: This isn’t even close. I am so classically handsome, like a young Robert Redford. You can just tell this guy tries really hard and I have that, doesn’t even look like I care how I look but still look good, look to me.

What a lucky guy to look so much like me. Congrats doppelganger!

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