I’m Going To Make You A Zillionaire, Esports Betting Guide

Last week I went 2-1 and my only loss was because the best team in the league didn’t have their starting jungler. You made money last week, I’m happy for you but I’m not satisfied until you wipe your ass with the money you make from reading these.

CLG Vs. 100 Thieves EVEN

First pick of the week and it is a risky one. I think CLG is a good team who had an awful start to the year going 0-2 last week but the value here is too good to pass up. This is such a trap game that it isn’t a trap game. On paper you go CLG. CLG is desperate for a win. Take 100 Thieves. 100T is a nice dark horse but the big thing is the scheduling, CLG plays TSM Monday and I expect them to overlook 100T and get punished because of it.

Dignitas Vs. Team Liquid -200

It looks like TL still isn’t going to have Broxah this week as they try and straighten his VISA situation out but when you can get the best team in the league at -200 you don’t pass it up. Like I said last week I usually don’t take odds worse than like -120 but pound TL. Put the mortgage on them. Don’t overthink it stupid.

Immortals Vs. Golden Guardians EVEN

These are the two worst teams in the league and it isn’t close. This is another value pick. I feel like when two even teams matchup, especially early in the year, take the better odds and just hope. GG aren’t awful so it isn’t just a throw away pick but it is for sure the pick I’m least certain about.

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