Elon Musk Dropped a FIRE Track in the Middle of the Night

Elon Musk is already one of my favorite people.  Weird ass dude, and probably the most beautiful mind of our generation.  Not only does he make dope cars, but he absolutely owns NASA in space travel.  NASA. The guys who invented space travel. Elon figured out how to do it better.  Also, his birthday is 69 days after 4/20.  (nice).

When I arose from my slumber this morning, I hopped on twitter and this is the first thing I saw:


Are you kidding me?  This track is absolute FIRE.  Someone tell Billie Eilish to kick rocks. E.D.M. is headlining Firefly this year.

Have a great weekend everyone. And remember..


Featured Photo – Elon Musk Twitter