Dak Prescott… Holdout?

The Cowboys and Dak have been working on a new deal…

For a year.

They offered low. Dak came back way too high.

He played the entire season “working on the new deal.” He had one of his best seasons “statistically” but the team struggled and didn’t make the playoffs.

The Cowboys have about a zillion free agents. Including their #1 WR who they gave up a first rounder for Amari Cooper, as well as their former 1st round pick and best corner, Byron Jones.

With no new CBA yet teams may have the option to use 2 tags. The franchise tag and a “transition” tag. So it is possible to keep all 3 for the upcoming season, however..

Who do they sign? Who do they tag?

A lot of people say sign Amari, transition Byron and franchise Dak. Almost like what the Skins did with Cousins. And Dak is a “good guy” right? A “great leader” who just “loves the game”


PFT “But it’s clear that he’s planning to stay away if the team applies the tag. Asked whether he plans to spend much time in Dallas in the coming weeks and months, Prescott said no..

“Report that,” Prescott added. “Be sure to report that.””

It always comes down to money and years. Never forget that. These dudes play because they like the game of course… But they love money.

Hunker down Cowboys fans, this could be a little bit of a frustrating ride. Do I think it gets done? Yes.

However do you really want to go into offseason workouts with a new coach and not being sure if you will have your franchise QB in attendance?

That would be music to Eagles fans ears.


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