Addressing The Barstool Rat Situation, From The Kid That Got No Credit


What a whirlwind of a couple days. January 29th I woke up doing the single dad life this week while the Mrs. is on a work trip. Ava girl is in the other room yelling “dada, mommy, dada, pop-pop!” Just begging for anyone to listen to her. Something, as it turns out, both her and her father have in common. I get her up and ready for daycare, and while I’m trying to get myself together, I hop on Twitter to see what’s happening. All of a sudden I see a 6 minute Emergency Press Conference from Dave. 6 minutes?!?!? My goodness, this better be something big. And then there it was.

Boom! The Barstool sale finally went through. The internet was set ablaze, obviously. Could you imagine hitting send on that tweet? I’m not joking, I would be crying, laughing and rock hard all at the same time. The fact that Davey Pageviews Warbucks basically got off social media completely. You know, the place where he built this empire and went dark for so long, knowing on the other side was, in his words, unlimited money. Might be the greatest display of self control ever put on record.

My first thought after, “Holy shitballs, $450 million is an absurd amount of money!” was “I TOLD YOU PEOPLE!” You see, way back on December 5th, 2019, we had published a blog that morning: ‘Barstool Has Sold To Penn National Gaming’

It was going to be the biggest story we ever could have broken. Right when I got the news from the source, I jumped on twitter and searched everywhere for anything about Barstool and Penn. No shot I was first with this story right? Low and behold, I couldn’t find a single thing. This was it, this was the break-out moment.

Now let me address something here quickly. I didn’t write this to damage Barstool in any way. If you’ve read anything I’ve ever written about Barstool, you’d know I’ve been a reader of theirs for almost 10 years now. Interesting enough, KFC talked in his most recent blog, which is a must read, how Dave and Large inspired him to try blogging out for himself. KFC is literally that person for me. The only reason this site exists is because of Barstool and KFC.

This was a blog that had to be written. If one of Barstool’s bloggers was sitting on information like this, and didn’t blog it, he would have fired him. Like when White Sox Dave made everyone think he knew the details of the Astros scandal before it broke. If he did and didn’t write about it, Portnoy would have made him walk to New York just to turn around and walk back.

So, as much as I thought the blog would blow up and get me millions of clicks, a part of me also knew I’m just not there yet. And I was sadly right. I think all said and done, that blog only drove in like 10,000 clicks. Some sites like Awful Announcing caught wind of the blog and gave credit, but places like Vox big leagued the shit out of us. Which brings us to last night. Got a text, “Hey Dave just mentioned Branded on the rundown.”

Excuse me?


Holy shit, he did, and I have to tip my cap for 1. saying our name and 2. mentioning that I got zero credit for the story. Which is almost in perfect Barstool fashion. Nate’s tweet the other day is a perfect metaphor for this situation.

Big Js like Vox and Ben Mullin form the WSJ,  were all dropping their ‘scoop’ tweets. Meanwhile, little old Joe, living in Broomall PA, running a site that only does a few hundred thousand clicks a month broke the story a month before the Wall Street Journal.  HAHAHAHA.

Sweet scoop Benjamin. Just FYI, my DMs are always open. If you’re in need of some material, shoot me a message and I can help your little publication.

Branded is no Barstool, most likely never will be, unless Dave wants to swing some of that unlimited money my way. He could buy this whole operation for less than he’ll bet on opening day of March Madness. But in the first 18 months we’ve been around we’ve now been mentioned on KFC Radio, the Rundown, Large has tweeted a couple of my blogs and the Grand Poobah was when Erika Nardini tweeted and Instagramed my NBC hit piece.

And those are just the mentions from Barstool on top of the ESPNs, Awful Announcing, Busted Coverage, Sirius XM and so on. But Big Cat is right still, no one is reading us….yet. But everyday we get a little bit bigger and a little bit better. Who knows, maybe Branded will be bought by Barstool and you’ll see our work on the blog daily? We’re free agents Dave, make the call, bring us in. You want to buy a sports team, we’re kinda like a sports team and way cheaper. Like a billion % cheaper.

Quick look into my interview with Dave


My people will be in touch

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