A Message To Branded Sports’ Loyal Readers


You may have heard that yesterday your favorite blog, Branded Sports, was mentioned on Barstool Sports’ Rundown. Frankly there’s no way you couldn’t have heard about it because all we’ve done is tweet about it.

You heard that right. Branded Sports was the leading news source on Barstool’s recent sale to Penn National. The first to report some pretty big news months before anyone else. What a time to be alive!

If you kept listening after that, you might have heard Barstool Big Cat refer to a “blog that no one reads”, whatever that means. I’m here to tell you the reader that’s simply not the case. Look at you, here, reading this blog! At least 50 people clicked on my blog about the Monday Night Football cat. You ever heard of Misty Loman? Plenty of my moms friends will see this. People read us!

What I can also tell you is that Branded Sports is not going anywhere.

CEO Joe is always going to try to break news that gets us mentioned on the Rundown. Kevin is always going to be here to…nevermind he is going to be on vacation. Kyle will never stop adding exclamation points to all of his blog titles for emphasis. Eddie is always going to lose all of his bets. Jesse’s arms? A Branded Sports staple.

So we want to thank you, our loyal ‘ded heads, for sticking with us. Even if it’s only to see what’s going on in Olivia Culpo’s love life.


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