NBA Is Changing The All Star Game To Honor Kobe And I Love It

This is still pretty new and it sounds like there are more changes coming but for the main All Star game the NBA announced some huge changes. First being after each quarter the score will be reset. For example when the first quarter ends and the score is 30-27 when the second quarter starts the scores will go back to 0-0. To add some goodwill in each team will have a local charity they are playing for and the team who leads after each quarter will earn $100,000 for their charity. Love all of that.

Next, the fourth quarter will have NO time limit. Fuck the normal 12 minutes we are playing to a certain score. This is where the scores from the 3 previous quarters matter. If Lebrons team after 3 quarters are in the lead and their combined score is 150 then 150 is what the will end the game. Sort of. To honor Kobe they will be adding 24 to the final score. So if In 3 quarters the score would be 150-137 then they will start the 4th with both teams at 0-0 and will play to 174. First to 174 decides the game and instead of the $100,000 for that teams charity if you win the game you will be giving $200,000 to your teams charity.

I love this idea so much. The entire game is giving back to the community, that’s good. We are going to basically get two full games instead of just one, that’s good. They are directly honoring Kobe, very good. I don’t see a negative here.

Just from a competitive stand point I love it as well. First three quarters they’ll just run the score up and then the 4th is basically a brand new game that, in theory, will be very competitive because you know how close you and the other team is to winning the whole time. If you love offense at the ASG you should love this and if you want to see more defense played and the guys take the game more seriously then you should love this as well. I’ve always loved how pro athletes take charity and giving back so seriously and with $500,000 up for grabs I think that is good motivation as well.

The only con I can imagine coming up is injury risk and minutes played. We are essentially playing 6+ quarters of basketball and my only fear is that because of this someone could get hurt or just opt out of the game entirely.

The NBA also announced this isn’t the only way they’ll be honoring the victims from the crash this past weekend. I haven’t seen what exactly but the NBA says they plan on honoring all 9 victims throughout all of All Star Weekend.

I still hope they have one team with everyone wearing 24 and the other team have everyone wearing 8. I can’t find the tweet of who suggested that on Twitter but I love that idea as well.

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