Move Over New Orleans, There’s a New Worst Call in Professional Sports History


The Sixers looked absolutely pathetic in a loss to the Hawks Thursday night. They had so many defensive lapses, they missed 14 free throws, the bench production was abysmal, Joel Embiid just looked out of it. But after a loss as bad as this one, there is only one thing a fan can do: blame the referees.

This is such a God awful call for a variety of reasons. Firstly, the foul call itself is so maddening because Trae Young CLEARLY leans into Tobias Harris who looked like he wanted to run out of the arena to get out of his way. I mean, officials havent even stooped this low for James Harden yet. Michael Jordan didn’t get calls like that in his prime. How does 2nd year Trae Young get that call?!

To compound the problem, they gave Tobias Harris a technical for rightfully arguing that call.

Then, Brett Brown gets a technical because he was trying to challenge the horrendous call but the challenge window was closed because Tobias Harris got a technical. Still waiting for the logic on that process.

All in all, the Sixers had closed the lead to two before the half, and Trae Young ended up with a five-point play because of this foul call.

I’m sorry, just very flustered tonight. First, Big Cat told us all that no one is reading our blog and now the Sixers are losing games to the God damn Hawks and it definitely wasn’t due to the pathetic lack of effort on defense, it was all the referees fault.

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