Barstool About To Hit Donald Trump With A Cease and Desist?

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Yesterday Dave Portnoy became a ultra mega millionaire. This morning he woke up to the President of the United States stealing his Roger Goodell shirt idea.


Oh boy. This might be the ultimate test for Davey Pageviews. He took down Deadspin, but can he take down the leader of the free world? He has to say something right? Can’t let Trump make a boat load of money off your idea. And mark my words, this shit will sell like crazy. Let’s say only 3% of the people that follow him on twitter buy one and they are going for $20 (I have no clue the price but this is simply a jumping off point.) That would be roughly 2,200,000 shirts sold for a grand total of $44 million dollars. Dave, I understand you have unlimited money but I mean $44 million is still a shit ton of cash.

Also, you said you wanted to buy a sports team. According to Forbes  the Coyotes are only worth $300 million. This would be a nice little dent in that for you. Barstool and the NHL already have a strong relationship. I’m making a lot of sense right now.

So head on a swivel, Donald. Davey Warbucks is coming for that ass.



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