Full Recap: The NBA On TNT Tribute To Kobe Last Night Was Must Watch


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Last night the NBA on TNT guys accompanied by Dwyane Wade, Jerry West, Reggie Miller, Candace Parker, Steve Nash, Rick Fox, Derek Fisher & more delivered the greatest tribute of Kobe Bryant yet. It was a great group of people who knew Kobe or had a story about Kobe that made you appreciate his greatness. I’m not going to write a lot in this blog because there is nothing I can say that will even do this justice. If you have time today take an hour to watch through each of these videos. Each one is better than the next.



When Ernie Johnson immediately came on you could tell in his voice the tears started way before they were on air. Ernie is one of the most powerful speakers in times like these and I’m glad he was able to put into words how many were feeling. It was poetic, dignified, and emotional. And it was perfect.



Dwyane Wade tells an awesome story about coming into the league and playing against Kobe for the first time and recounts the time he gained Kobe’s respect while playing on the USA team.


I never knew the history behind Kobe and Jerry West and how much they meant to each other. A lot of times front office and player relationships are all business, but not with these two. These two genuinely loved and cared for each other.


Other than Jerry West, Shaq delivered the greatest moments from this tribute. I know plenty of people wondered what their relationship was really like behind the scenes, even to this day. I’m glad Shaq got to set the record straight with some powerful words and stories about what his friend meant to him.


A perfect sendoff from Shaq.


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