Elfrid Payton In A Tribute To Kobe, Drops Jae Crowder As He Shoots A 3 In Garbage Time Up 20


Would I rather have Kobe still with us today? Of course. But you know what if we’re going to go back to the Bad Boy ’90s Knicks and Pistons teams where no one got away with shit then maybe he was sacrificed for a purpose. Just kidding. Maybe.

I believe that Kobe came down from Heaven and whispered in Elfrid’s ear, “Kill this motherfucker.” as Jae Crowder shot this 3. I am all here for the NBA to go back to ’90s basketball. I still want the games to be 130-120, I could use less 3’s, but if we have teams abusing opponents when they enter the lane I’m tuning into every game.

The Sixers delivered an all time tribute. NBA on TNT did the same. The Lakers are going to go all out with festivities on Friday. But Elfrid Payton almost murdering Jae Crowder for trying to embarrass him at Home has sky rocketed to the top of the Tribute Draft Board.

Love a nice “Sell The Team!” chant directly after the fight.

Marcus Morris – not a fan of Jae Crowder. That might be an understatement.

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