Patriots Offensive Line Coach Is Retiring Again

Dante Scarnecchia is retiring again and this time I think it’s real. Very little news seems to come out of the Pats camp especially right now, the NFL has taken a back burner movement wise but this is big. Scar has been with the Pats in some capacity for like 32 years and came out of retirement in 2016 and you immediately saw his impact.

This feels very very bad. First good for Dante. He’s an older guy and I really hope he enjoys his retirement. But this is starting to look scary, it feels weird to say things are looking scary for a team who just won 12 games. Not sure what is going on with Tom, the receiving core needs help and now the bright spot with our line is gone. If there was ever a time to worry it would be now.

I haven’t heard of any potential replacements but they have some big shoes to fill. I wouldn’t listen to local radio for whoever gets hired though, can’t imagine anything being said will be positive.

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