Here Is The Entire Sixers Tribute Tonight From Fans, Joel Embiid, + More


Whenever you hear “A 6’6 guard, from Lower Merion” you get chills down your spine. It is one of the greatest intro’s of any player who’s spent time playing for the Sixers or came through as an opponent. The amount of respect this city had for Kobe is unparalleled only to LA. Here is everything before, during, and after the Sixers tribute to Kobe Bryant tonight.



Fans of course showed out with their own honors to Kobe with plenty of different jerseys highlighting different times of his career.



The Sixers all came out in #8 and #24 jerseys and it was awesome. The amount of respect these players late and early in their careers for Kobe is unpalpable.



The entire pregame tribute the Sixers did for Kobe, GiGi, and the 7 other souls on the helicopter was flawlessly done. From the 9 light silhouette’s on the floor, to the 33 second moment of silence for his jersey number at Lower Merion, and the 9 rings of the bell. Followed up by a beautiful video package and an even more beautiful National Anthem performance.



I didn’t think anyone was going to wear 24 tonight especially because it was already retired by Bobby Jones. But it was awesome on Jones and Embiid’s part that they got this cleared in time for Embiid to wear it tonight. What an awesome tribute to Kobe by Embiid, who was one of the main reasons why Embiid started playing basketball.



Zhaire Smith, who typically wears #8 wore #7 instead and will now wear #5 for the rest of the season forgoing one of Kobe’s numbers alike Spencer Dinwiddie, who wore #24, did.


As all NBA teams who’ve played prior, the Sixers started off taking an 8 second violation than the Warriors subsequently followed with a 24 second violation.


Former LA Lakers sideline reporter Serena Winters had a great story on the impact Kobe had on her life. She’s shared some really awesome memories this week as she was with Kobe during the tail end of his career.


Raul Neto, who played in Kobe’s last game ever while on the Utah Jazz, got HOT in the first half with 19.



Embiid finished with a fitting 24 points on a fadeaway Kobe-esque jumper.


The post-game press conference had some nice quotes from Brett Brown regarding the game and how he felt it would’ve been disingenuous if he coached the team the same way he does if it’s just a regular game.

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