Allen Iverson Was Robbed Of $500K Worth Of Jewelry. BREAKING: AI Is Officially Back!


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I knew we never lost the real Allen Iverson! The Answer is officially back! This is the greatest news ever! Yea, the greatest Sixer ever lost $500K worth of jewelry which sucks, but at least we know AI still travels like he used to during his career when he would buy clothes on road-trips instead of packing suitcases. You know how many kid’s college tuition this guy paid for by leaving his jewelry and wads of cash around for the maids to find when they went to clean his room at checkout? This is the same guy who used to not trust banks so he just kept cash in Hefty trash bags littered around his mansion. He once gave Larry Hughes his Bentley because he felt like it. That kind animal never leaves you. You can only hope to suppress it deep down so it never comes out, but it’s always there.

AI’s cleaned up his image over the last couple of years. Their were stories he owed $860K to a Jeweler in Atlanta that he couldn’t pay and there were worse rumors that he was begging for change outside of a mall – which I don’t think were ever confirmed, plus I’m pretty sure Adidas still pays him $800 grand a year. Nowadays instead of spending all his time in a Bala Cynwyd TGI Fridays, he instead spends them in a suite at Sixers game. The jury is still out on SugarHouse as I’m pretty sure AI is spotted gambling there every third Wednesday once a month. Listen if you want to get that adrenaline back like you used to when you were playing in the NBA by laying down $50,000 hands at the $15 minimum SugarHouse blackjack table who am I to tell you you’re wrong. I love sweating out $100 bets on Temple/Cincinnati in January. We’re not to different AI and I.

Back to the story, the suspect? I mean that is Nerlens Noel. I don’t know why Nerlens Noel is stealing backpacks full of jewelry, but has anyone questioned him where he was on Monday?

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 4.03.50 PM


Supposedly he “played” 19 minutes and went 3/4 from the field for 9 points and 8 rebounds in Dallas on Monday. I’m pretty sure there’s a body double that could fill in for Nerlens, who could go off for those numbers. I’m not buying this alibi.

Btw – word on the street is the Sofitel may or may not be a big escort hotel. Not pointing any fingers, but AI is most definitely, officially back!

P.S. I just figured out I can’t spell jewelry for shit and I thank god everyday spell check was invented.

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