Kareem Hunt FAILED Drug Test and More..

Kareem Hunt just can’t stay out of the news can he?

Since 2018 he was accused of attacking a man in a night club. Then he was accused of attacking a woman in a hotel hallway.

Which later was confirmed by video, where the whole world saw him being a wannabe tough guy disgustingly kicking a female on the ground.

He was then cut by the Chiefs and suspended for 10 games by the NFL. He was then signed by the Browns…

…Because is course.

Welp, he’s baaaaaack.

Last week he was pulled over and now reports are coming out that he failed a drug test for weed and had an open bottle of vodka in his car when he was pulled over.

And just now…

Another Clown just being a Clown.

Hey Roger… The ball is in your court. Much more to come with this story.

Feature Image – Quad City Times

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