Please Do Not Share This Video of Lamar Jackson At the Pro Bowl Skills Challenge With NFL MVP Voters



Don’t you dare RT, share, TikTok this video or do anything to circulate of Lamar Jackson not hitting a single moving target 20 yards downfield. Don’t be that guy that tags all the NFL MVP voters to direct their attention to a Pro Bowl skills challenge. It’s not easy to hit standing targets on a simple post route that Lamar will be counted on to hit 300+ times next year. Is it to late to switch him to RB or WR?

Could you imagine if Lamar is called on to hit Hollywood Brown 40 yards down the sideline to put his team in FG position to win it all? God forbid Mark Andrews runs a 15 yard crossing route and Lamar has to hit him with precision to win the AFC North. After studying the film it looks like its going to be wheel routes and shallow crosses for the Ravens all next season. Defenses are going to be stuffing 9 players in the box to stifle Mark Ingram or playing Cover 1 just baiting Lamar to try and chuck it downfield.

It would be a real shame if this video made it to every NFL MVP voter at the AP before the vote was cast. For a guy that has a future on Russell Wilson; I, unbiased-ly, believe the writers should do the right thing and award him with MVP honors. Could you imagine what Russ could’ve done with a running game and the weapons Lamar had. Russ didn’t have a RB, TE, rookie WR, no defense, an offensive line that hasn’t blocked since Super Bowl XLIX, and a coach who bites his tongue so much while chewing gum and loses so much blood that not enough is getting to his brain. Talk about leading your team during times of adversity.

How many games has Justin Tucker saved Lamar and the Ravens from this year? 5? 10? 

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