Introducing A New Game Show “China Or Florida?” The Corona Virus

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corona virus


Introducing the newest game show you can play with your friends and family at home! China or Florida! On this weeks episode we are looking into the Corona Virus that has been the hot news for the last week. There has been 26 deaths from the virus with over 830 cases being reported. Cities of 11 million people have been shutdown to quarantine and 35 million are on the no fly list. Who would’ve thought a Mexican Cerveza could take down entire retirement communities? The Day After Drinking Shits (DADS) have mauled people so badly they are on the no fly list. The Corona Virus is a favorite of beachgoers from mid-twenties woo girls in Cancun to middle aged women at La Costa in Sea Isle City. The Corona Virus ravages you from the insides. The symptoms are broken English, consistently yelling “Find your beach” at everyone who will listen, mixed with post-game head aches, diarrhea, and early onset embarrassment.

So now you the viewer at home we need you to type in the comments 1 for China and 10 for Florida.


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