Does This Look Like The Face Of A Woman Arrested For Pooping In A Parking Lot 9 Times?

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NBC Boston: A woman is accused of defecating in the parking lot of a Massachusetts outdoor goods store nine times over the past several months after police said she was caught in the act Wednesday.

Andrea Grocer, 51, of Ashland, was arrested Wednesday near the Natick Outdoor Store, according to a report from Natick police. Henry Kanner, the owner of the store said she’d done it nine times, but she was arrested on eight charges of defacing property.

“She takes care of business whether it’s raining out, whether it’s snowing out,” he said. “Why would someone do this? And it turns out she works up the street.”


Holy shit! See what I did there? Look, shit once in an outdoor store parking lot, shame on you. Shit 9 times in an outdoor store parking lot shame on the store owner. You just can’t let this go on. After the second time he should have set up a task force to catch this bitch brown handed. The Fecal Force Team. Like the Paw Patrol, no poop is too big, no smell is too strong.

Look, you have to shit you have to shit. I get it, we’ve all been there. Emergencies happen. I delivered Chinese food in college and I’d be lying if I told you I made it to the throne in time every night. I’m human. But this lady works right up the street. Poop there you psycho. And if you really don’t want to do that and still feel the need to shit in public. Maybe find a bush or a tree or really anything other than taking a steamer in an open parking lot mid day.

Just a shitty plan. (I couldn’t help myself)

PS: That’s definitely the face she made when she was dropping heat.

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