An esport betting guide, LCS opening weekend

After an off-season of teams leaving, rebranding and returning to the LCS, players coming to North America from other regions and big names changing jerseys it is finally time for the spring split to start. What a better way to dive into the new season than with a way for you to make some money? The new schedule has games Saturday-Monday each week and I’m gonna give you a few games to win each week. Let’s not waste anymore time and start with the very first game of the new season.

Cloud 9 Vs. Team Liquid -150

TL has won 4 straight North American titles and they are starting this season with their most talented roster. I’m going to make an attempt not to just pick favorites and personal I don’t love when odds are larger than like -115 but if you can get Liquid at -150 you hit that hard. I’m talking put the mortgage on them. This team has been unstoppable domestically the last 2 years and just added one of the best junglers in the entire world to their roster. C9 has some major changes this off season and I expect them to be a playoff team but they aren’t even in the same stratosphere as TL. Don’t be dumb, just take the free money.

Counter Logic Gaming Vs. Dignitas +165

I don’t think a lot of people will agree with this pick but I think Dig will be a solid playoff team this year. Full disclosure I feel like every year CLG surprises me and plays much better than I expected them to do. With that being said I think Aphromoo is only a few splits removed from winning MVP and is looking to prove some people wrong on his new team. I think Huni and Froggen are strong solo laners, as well. Don’t sleep on Dignitas this season.

100 Thieves Vs. Evil Geniuses -150

This pick is a little out there if I’m being honest. EG is a brand new team and I expect them to be a Top 4 team this year but they are new and that makes them a question mark. Speaking of question marks 100 Thieves are the epitome of a question mark entering this split. 100T is a mix of new players and their team from like 2 years ago. Personally I feel like they’re going to struggle at least early. I think the Meteos and Aphromoo experience was the major issue last time he was hear but now Aphromoo is gone and this is funny Meteos’ team. He’s been around forever and has always performed but I think chemistry will be an issue at the start so that along with EG having superior talent I would lean them for the win.

I got all of the lines from Bovada*

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