Was Killing Mr. Peanut Really Worth It?


The world lost a real one on Tuesday when Planters announced the untimely and very tragic death of Mr. Peanut. It’s how Hilary Banks felt watching Trevor on that bungee jump.

First things first I have a few questions I’d like answered about his death. I certainly hope there is an investigation in progress because things are off. Was this peanut car street legal? Where where their seat belts? Will Mr. Peanuts family file a lawsuit against the manufacturer? I look forward to Dateline having a look at this one.

Being able to see who comes out and supports you after your tragic death would be very interesting. In Mr. Peanuts case the outpouring of love and support has been overwhelming. Brand twitter has never been so collaborative.

Some of the heaviest hitters in the snack industry paid their respects.

TUMS even responded with some heartburn humor.

Every marketing director across the globe heard the news about Mr Peanut’s passing and thought, perfect time to capitalize on a sad situation for my own self profit. With the help of some 19 year old intern, we held one of the first social media marketing live funerals ever.

But once the dust settles, we are all going to heal from the loss of Mr. Peanut, some people as soon as tomorrow. There’s going to be a new TikTok dance, another Brad and Jen sighting, I’m still worried Mr. Clean has a cocaine problem. We’re living in such a next thing up world that Mr. Peanuts death may have been in vain. The dead peanut jokes can only go on for so long. Where would Planters even go from there? Nuts aren’t a product that just sells themselves.

I think they might have underestimated how much of their success is tied to Mr. Peanut. Without Mr. Peanut there’s no joy in a simple can of peanuts anymore. Planters stock is about to nosedive, sell yours off if you still have the chance.

If I’ve learned anything from watching Power or How To Get Away With Murder, I know no one is confirmed dead unless we see a body, so I’m hoping Mr. Peanut has just escaped from a life in the middle of the public eye and moved to some remote island to start over. Too close to the Super Bowl to not have us thinking.

RIP Mr. Peanut I hope this was worth it.


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