Terrell Owens Has Some Donovan McNabb Tea To Spill. Let’s Guess What It Is.

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Last night, what seemed like out of no where, TO dropped a Twitter bomb.

Looks like McNabb mentioned TO in an interview. Took a little shot at him as well. I didn’t watch the entire thing because McNabb is easily the most annoying human in the world. The fact that he is the Eagles greatest quarterback of all time is nothing short of heart breaking. Need Wentz to surpass him so I no longer have to acknowledge that painful fact. TO didn’t take kindly to comment and you can’t blame him. Owens carried that Eagles team during the Super Bowl while McNabb was in the corner puking his guts out. Also ’04 was McNabb’s best year stats wise and it’s not even close. Donovan is not a hall of famer but had he had TO for a few more years he might have been.

So the only question now is, what dirt does TO have on McNabb? We’ve seen the DUI mugshots and videos.

That means whatever TO is referring to has to be way juicer, so let’s take some guesses.*

1: Donovan has a micro-penis: This one is first because it makes the most sense. McNabb has big time tiny dick energy. Super insecure person that is always trying to bring other people down. That’s that baby dick brain working. Reasonable to think TO got a peek of McNabb’s member after a game in the showers. Also, would explain why Donovan has always been so anti Nick Foles. Just sayin.

2: McNabb shit his pants at a party: If it can happen to gun girl it can happen to a franchise quarterback. Maybe at one of these parties McNabb had a few too many tequilas and next thing you know he’s got an entire bowl of Chunky’s soup in his khaki pants. Hard to get respect in the locker room after something like that goes down. TO probably gave him a pair of his pants and hide the evidence for him. That’s a true blue friend if you ask me.

3: Donovan is gay? 2020, you do you boo boo. Nothing wrong at all with loving on the same sex. Maybe McNabb was scared for the public to find out. Maybe he had a high school girl crush on TO. You guys remember the drive way crunches. Owens was stacked, you can’t blame Donovan for falling head over heals for that. I’d give my first born to have TO’s ’04 body. Are you shitting me?

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4: McNabb killed a person: It’s clear from TO’s tweet that something went down at one or multiple parties. Maybe a conversation went sideways and Donovan felt disrespected. He grabs a blunt object, throws it at the person, hits their feet obviously, but they fall to the ground. McNabb moonwalks over to the victim, leans over, pukes and then in Donovan fashion, chokes away. TO being, once again the supportive teammate, helps him hide the body. McNabb pukes again just for good measure. It’s the perfect crime.

So I don’t know what is going to happen, I hope whatever hasn’t come out about McNabb comes out. TO puts asses in seat, on the field and off the field. And if he thinks he has something juicy you know it’s got some legs to it. TO, if you’re reading this. Please do an interview with us. It would put my daughter through college by it’s self. Do it for the kids.

*These are all made up guesses and based off of zero evidence and just jokes so relax. None of this is true.

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