NBA All Star Starters have been announced. Who was snubbed?

Starters have been announced for the All Star game and shockingly I think they got all ten players right. I’m surprised they had Trae Young and Kemba names as Starters but that is it. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not surprised because I think they’re not deserving, I think they should be starters, I’m just surprised they actually got it right.

People are going to have an issue with Trae being named a starter, I mean some people didn’t think he should even be at the All Star game. To those people I say go fuck yourself. I imagine the loudmouths from Philly are going to be upset because Ben got snubbed, get over it. In your defense he is the only person who I would consider replacing with anyone but these would be the ten players I’d pick to be starters.

Luka is going to win MVP and I wasn’t sure they’d name him as a starter either but I’m happy we don’t have to yell at anyone. The next part is my favorite, who is going to say some dumb shit and be upset they didn’t get selected? I can see it now “Just another chip 😤”. My top 3 guesses will be Russ, Dame and probably James Butler. All 3 guys will most likely make the team but they will without a doubt have this be some type of unneeded chip on their shoulder.

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