I’m So Pissed About That Sixers vs Raptors Game


Yes, I am still fuming about that Game 7 in Toronto back in May. How the fuck can you call this a charge in a decisive Game 7 NBA Playoff Game?!

Kyle Lowry flat out tackles Ben. This is exactly what Earl Thomas envisioned when he thought he was going to stop Derrick Henry. Regardless, this somehow was called on Ben, not on Lowry.

Last night, late in the fourth quarter they called a charge on Pascal Siakam that Furkan Korkmaz took to the chest. Nick Nurse challenges it, and wins. They reverse it, call it a block on Furkan Korkmaz, and the Sixers were in the penalty so instead of getting the ball, Raptors shoot 2.

How the officials could go the Raptors way on any 50/50 charge/block call after that Game 7 debacle is ridiculous.  When the officials were at the monitor deciding if it was a charge on Siakam or a block on Korkmaz, they should’ve tapped into the one million “I owe you one”‘s that they need to grant the Sixers for Lowry’s tackle.

Toronto is a great city but I really hate that arena. And Kyle Lowry.

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