Antonio Brown Turns Himself Into Police


Antonio Brown has surrendered to police a moment ago for his involvement in an altercation with a moving company and its driver. There was a warrant out for AB’s arrest over the last two days, but AB barricaded himself inside his house and refused to come out. Finally, he did the right thing and was turned over to police.

He is being charged with burglary of battery and burglary of an unoccupied conveyance, along with a count of criminal mischief.

Listen if you didn’t think this was going to end with AB in handcuffs I have some beachfront property in Iowa I’d like to sell ya. The stuff with his Instagram Lives, tweets, Releasing the Gruden conversation, the blowup with Raiders GM Mike Mayock, the allegations of rape and sexual assault, and all his baby mama stuff was to much to handle. It hasn’t even been a calendar year since he arrived on the Raiders and I just listed off enough erratic situations for a lifetime let alone 8 months worth.

I think jokes are still being allowed to be made about him so I’ll say this. If the rap career was what he was going for he now has the street cred and a whole litany of things to write about while locked up in the joint. He’s probably going to meet his Suge Knight and together their going to release some fire singles under the label Death bROWn Records, but tell everyone one the b & n in bROWn are silent for no copyright infringement. Chess while everyone’s playing checkers. This sucks because I was really looking forward to his third single to follow up the 30 seconds of mumble rap he gave us on his new hit with Sean Kingston.

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