Gritty Under Police Investigation For Punching A Child

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Philadelphia Inquirer: After the alleged punch, Greenwell emailed officials at Comcast Spectacor, first complaining of the “lousy picture” with the mascot who didn’t look at the camera. Then he raised the “more serious and disappointing” concern.

“I know it was not correct for my son to harmlessly tap him on his head but for a Flyers employee to get (sic) throw a full punch at someone with his back turned and hurt a 13 year old boy is assault, unprofessional and unacceptable for your organization,” he wrote.

Comcast Spectacor officials said there was no proof that Gritty hit the boy, but offered special perks to make up for the “bad experience.” Greenwell suggested the Flyers show his son on the giant scoreboard or let him into the locker room to meet players and get autographs. The company offered to sit Brandon on the players’ bench during warm-ups before a future game.

Let’s go Gritty! Add this to the Philadelphia sports lure. You dressed as Santa, drunk and acting like an asshole. Eat these snowballs bitch. Hey JD Drew, you sign somewhere else…..actually battery throwing is just bad. Let’s just forget that. But Gritty dropping a 13 year old punk, I’m here for it.

The guy(?) is a wildcard. You can’t blame Gritty for this. You enter the Wells Fargo during a hockey game you’re no longer in a safe space. You’ve entered Gritty’s house of horrors and that lunatic is the mayor. Throw this case out, it clearly falls under assumption of risk. Like when someone gets hit by a foul ball. Yeah you wish it didn’t happen but you know it’s a possibility when you get to the stadium. Can’t hold the batter responsible. Same here. If you’re a 13 year old kid you have to keep your head on a swivel. Turn you’re back on a mascot that was made from the nightmares of Jim Hanson and you might get a 1-2 combo.

Lesson learned I’d say.



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