Arrest Warrant Issued For Antonio Brown

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The AB saga continues… But, until I get to that, my biggest question is I wonder who will get the documentary out first? 30 for 30 or Netflix?

Welp people, it has happened. The arrest Warrant for Antonio Brown has been issued.

So, he has an active warrant for burglary and battery. Apparently something happened with a moving truck driver or some crap?

Who knows, at this point if someone said AB was an Alien and he assaulted Will Smith from Men in Black I would believe it.

The cops have been to AB’s house in Hollywood, Florida almost daily. The AB cops at the door live streams have been the #1 rated reality show in 2020.

Since this investigation started the police say they have not been able to locate AB. Then later they said he was barricading himself in his house.

But of course not barricading himself off social media and Tweeting out some GEMS.

And my personal favorite..

If you haven’t Followed AB Translator yet… It is a must.

Now all we can do is wait. Will AB live Steam his arrest? GOD PLEASE GIVE US THAT. Or will he have his White Bronco moment down The A1A… BEACH FRONT AVENUE

All I know is I can’t WAIT for his mugshot for the next addition of Branded Mugshot Monday!


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