The Best College Football Podcasts For You to Listen to in 2020

Are you addicted to college football? Do you crave a constant update on the 130 college football teams there are in the U.S, and the results of every game they play? Does real life keep getting in the way of your love of football?

Well don’t worry, a lot of us are in the same boat. Life always finds a way to throw “important” things like jobs and relationships in the way of drilling down on last night’s scores. The good news is that having a couple of good podcasts on hand can really scratch that football itch while still letting you get on with other tasks.

Even for the most ardent sports fans, keeping up with the drama of the NCAAF, both on and off the field, can seem like a full-time gig. What you really need is a podcast or two that hits all the bases. Giving you entertaining commentary, game analysis and breaking news rundowns to go along with the usual best spread picks for the week’s upcoming games. Well good news sports fans, we’re here with a list of nine of the best NCAAF-focused podcasts that will give you all that and more for the rest of 2020.

Winning Cures Everything

The Winning Cures Everything podcast is focused on providing you with a hugely entertaining, but also very knowledgeable podcast that combines humor with in-depth analysis and has a host of excellent guests including Tim Brando, Gary Parrish, Chris Fallica, Josh Parcell, and, Dan Wolken.

The Solid Verbal

Hosted by Ty Hildenbrandt and Dan Rubenstein, The Solid Verbal has been on the air for over a decade, airing twice a week on Sundays and Wednesdays. You can catch Ty and Dan on air all through the football season and The Solid Verbal is an excellent podcast if you like a little humor mixed in with your football.

If you are looking for a straight-laced breakdown of the facts, this might not be the show for you. If you enjoy the morning shock jock radio shows, full of jokes and wacky sound effects, but wish they focused more on football, then The Solid Verbal is going to be right up your alley.



Landry Football

The benefit of listening to a podcast by former scout Chris Landry is that he knows the game inside and out, and that he knows a lot of people in football circles.

Unlike The Solid Verbal, this is not a wacky podcast full of sound and special effects, but if you are looking for a more in-depth and informative, data-driven look at college football then this is the cast for you.

Currently, Landry is looking inside the LSU athletic dept and covering all the latest news, including the trouble around Odell Beckham Jr’s gatecrashing of LSU’s championship post-game.

CFB Country

The host of CFB Country is Josh Parcell, a man with a long list of other sporting credits, including working for the ESPN, being a writer for Outkick the Coverage and presenting on Fox Sports 1.

Parcell breaks down the games of the week and then lets you in on his picks for the next week’s winner, and since he managed to pick winners with a 70% accurate winning percentage for the 2017 season, he might just be worth listening to.

Podcast Ain’t Played Nobody

The host of Podcast Ain’t Played Nobody, Bill Connelly, was the original inventor of the S&P+ Ratings system. He teams up with Steven Godfrey, who is also a writer and presenter over at

Over the course of the season, these two get together and do some really in-depth analysis of the stats, breaking down sometimes years of built-up data to pull predictions for the future. If you like you podcasts full of maths as well as football, check Podcast Ain’t Played Nobody out.

Shutdown Fullcast

At the opposite end of the spectrum to Podcast Ain’t Played Nobody is the Shutdown Fullcast. For presenters Ryan Nanni, Spencer Hall, and Jason Kirk, the jokes are almost as important as the football.

If you are looking for serious, data-driven match reviews then you might want to look somewhere else, but if you want a great understanding of the college game, mixed in with some pretty damn irreverent humor, then this is the podcast for you.

The Audible

Not to be confused with the Solid Verbal, the Audible used to be a Fox property but is now back under the command of sports reporters Bruce Feldman and Stewart Mandel. Stew and Bruce have been just about everywhere during their time as reporters on the college game and their varied and deep knowledge of college football makes the insightful and able to get some really great guests on.

Stanford Steve & The Bear

The Bear in question in Chris Fallica, who teams up with “Stanford” Steve from the SVP Sportscenter for this podcast. This hour-long show is almost entirely focused on their picks for next week, so if you are looking for breaking news, expect to only be discussed through the filter of how it will affect next week’s games.

That being said, both Chris and Steve have extensive knowledge of the game and, while they might not be right all the time, they are well worth listening to.

Paul Finebaum Show

If you’ve got a lot of time on your hands (and ears) and you want to show that will give you a huge amount of content for you to listen to, the check out the Paul Finebaum Show. Paul is on air five days a week, for four hours each day. That’s a full 20 hours of college football each week!

If you don’t have almost a full day to dedicate to listening to a hugely entertaining podcast like the Paul Finebaum Show, they do also have a condensed “Best of the Paul Finebaum Show” podcast which plucks the best content from each show and combines it into a more manageable listening time.

That’s it! This list should give you enough Podcast content to never go hungry for football content again. Enjoy!

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