The Baseball Hall Of Fame Is A Joke And All The Voters Are Senile Old Losers


What in the fuck am I looking at? This is some of the most unacceptable shit I have ever seen in all my 24 years. No I’m not talking about Jeter being 1 vote off from getting in unanimously, I couldn’t care less about that. I am talking about the 9 deserving guys who weren’t voted in.

First if you aren’t voting guys in because of steroids you’re a pussy. CEO Joe said I can’t say I wish you were dead but I really hope you stub your toe super hard everyday for the rest of your miserable lives you old fucks. Steroids were the best thing to ever happen to your boring ass sport. Trout is pumping himself full of HGH and we’re all sucking his dick but Sosa puts a little something something in his ass and we wanna get upset? You’re upset about 60 dingers??? Fuck you.

Yeah I know Schilling is a crazy racist but man that boy could throw. If we aren’t letting racists into the hall we better start taking them out and my guess is it’s a long list. Going off of stats alone he should be in. Going off of moments alone he should be in. You’re telling me the guy who broke the curse of the bambino while his sock was filling up with blood shouldn’t be In the hall?

Manny should get in just cause he is so damn cool.

I do want to point out that I don’t really like baseball. I find it boring. I also think we should make it mandatory that players start juicing so the game becomes watchable again.

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