The 2020 NFL Draft In Las Vegas Will Be In The Bellagio Fountain



2020 Draft


When in Vegas you better bring out all the electricity and attractions which is exactly what the NFL is doing. Now I’ve never been to Vegas, so I don’t know how big these fountains are or how this is going to exactly work, but I feel like this has bad news written all over it. I can’t wait till they’re throwing 360 lb lineman on a gondola just to go up and hug Roger Goodell. I feel like that’s the last thing I’d want. Could you imagine if there’s an Aaron Rodgers situation? Poor Justin Herbert is going to be sitting there late into the first round when he thought he was a top-10 talent and finally he’s going to be brought to the stage in a gondola with Vegas showgirls behind him, putting on a fake smile because he knows he’s going to back-up Aaron Rodgers for the next 5 years.

You have to imagine there are going to be odds at the Bellagio someone falls into the fountain right? I’d say it’s probably +225 someone falls in and +600 for Goodell. I’ll get in contact with Chase Young’s people right now and split the profits with him 50/50 if he tackles Goodell into the water like it’s Shea Patterson.

But if Vegas is going to go full Vegas I need everything. Joe Burrow should enter on a 100 ft yacht just shooting money from a money gun. Sharks in the fountain, fresh water obviously. All you can eat buffets that line the route on the way up to Goodell. Whoever eats the most pounds of food before getting to Goodell gets an extra $250,000 signing bonus. You know what just push Goodell into the shark infested waters and call it a day. Best NFL Draft ever. Get some sharks with laser beams attached to their freaking heads too.

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