Target Tori Just Cashed In $30,000 From A Go Fund Me To Stick It To That Loser Toothbrush Customer

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SOURCEA Massachusetts store manager nicknamed “Target Tori” received more than $30,000 in donations after a customer’s gripe about a mispriced toothbrush backfired on him and went viral. The bizarre retail ordeal unfolded at the franchise’s Swansea branch Friday when David Leavitt — described in his Twitter bio as an award-winning multimedia journalist whose work has appeared in CBS, AXS and Yahoo — discovered an Oral B Pro 5000 electric toothbrush on the shelf with a displayed sale price of only one cent. The toothbrush was actually on sale for $89.99 — but Leavitt insisted he should be able to purchase it for the next-to-nothing display price.


Happy Martin Luther King Day to Target Tori! As MLK once said “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” Well I have some pretty shitty friends that haven’t come close to giving me anything near $30k.

The original goal on Go Fund Me was set at $5,000 originally and people thought, “Nope that’s not enough. Let’s bump that up 600% for everything she had to endure.” Listen $30,000 to deal with an unruly customer is an easy price to pay. I feel like I’d let someone spit in my face for $30k. I feel like now though there is a new precedent set. Now retail employees are going to see this story and pray to whatever retail Jesus out there, that today’s their day to cash in on the outrage. I’d let someone scream in my face for $30k. I don’t want to make this all about me, but do I have to worry about retail workers trying to frame me for being an unruly customer? Listen you need to do a lot for me to complain. One time I got a burger and the thing was basically still “Moo’ing” with how rare it was. Did I complain? No I risked my life and limb to make sure that I didn’t inconvenience the staff who were making $2.83/hr and worked for tips. Still tipped my 20%. Doing God’s work. Don’t thank me, thank the millions of service men and women in restaurants 365 days a year. It’s a thankless job.

But if you don’t think I’m going to be looking over my shoulder for some retail employee to catch me on a bad day so that I make national news and they get a quick payout you got another thing coming. You need a better fastball on the black to get me to chase. What’s next? Baristas are going to start strapping GoPro’s to their heads or wearing body cams like they’re a cop to catch the next David Leavitt? Baristas are the one people in the world that deserve every unruly customer. Maybe it’s me, but baristas are batting like .750 in terms of fucking up my orders. I never complain though. I take my coffee that has Almond Milk in it when I specifically asked for Oat Milk and I go about my day. Cursing the barista named Brandon, who corrects me in his condescending tone when I say Brendan. Like Brandon I’m sorry you hate your parents for naming you the wrong form of Brendan. Because sometimes life is about more then a barista writing “Carl” on my cup when I’ve been coming to the same Starbucks everyday for the past two years. I’m onto you baristas. I know there’s this sick game you’re playing that you get sick enjoyment out of. I can’t wait for robot baristas.



“When a customer is berating you over a mis-priced item, but you know you have to just wait it out until you can cash in your $30,000 payday.”

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[…] it just came out that Target Tori ended up with $30,000 from the Go Fund Me that was set up because this scum of the Earth, David Leavitt, called the cops on her because she […]

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