NBA Is Ruined. Shame On The Refs And Shame On Lebron

Jaylen Brown absolutely BAPTIZES your so called king and apparently it’s against the rules? I guess you can’t embarrass a man on national TV anymore? I wish someone told me dunking a man through the Earths crust was against the rules! THIS LEAGUE!!!!!

Chapter 18 subsection 3 article 2A in the official NBA rule book reads: Thou shalt not drop thous nuts in the Kings face.

Welp I should’ve read the rule book before I started writing this blog, my bad. This is on Jaylen. The rule is simple, it is written in clear black and white. I just hope Adam Silver suspends him for at least a month. If it was up to me he’d be jailed but it’s not.

Some homers who have never read the rules don’t understand that you can’t make a grown man call you daddy anymore. I wish people like Portnoy would just learn the game before tweeting!!

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