Mugshot Monday: Tyreek Hill

The Super Bowl is set! The Kansas City Chiefs will take on the 49ers in Miami for the honor of being kings of Football!

The 9ers have one of the best defenses while the Chiefs come into the game with one of the most powerful offensives in the league.

Andy Reid’s Chiefs come into the game flying high..

I mean, even Patrick Mahomes’s annoying ass girlfriend is ready to roll.

The team is beyond deserving of the opportunity to play for the Lombardi Trophy. However, let’s not forget about one man who miiiiiiight not..

I’m sure you all remember the offseason when Hill was being investigated for his alleged abuse of his 4 year old son that led to the kid’s broken arm. And the audio that followed of him telling his lady she should be terrified of him… “bitch.”

But did you know as a Freshman at Oklahoma St, Mr. Hill was arrested and thrown off the football and track team for domestic abuse?! (Enter shocked face emoji.)

Image – Enid News

Wait.. Wait.. Wait..

Is that Tyreek Hill or that famous “NECKS” Mugshot guy?? Click here.

Image – metro

I mean that’s the name guy..

But how is that now this guy..?

Image – Chiefs

He got on that good Jenny Craig.

Welp.. Happy Mugshot Monday and enjoy the 2 weeks until Super Bowl!

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