Jalen Rose Had His Worst Take Of All Time Yesterday


Might be thinking, but Joe, Jalen has had roughly a billion bad takes. How can we pin one down as the worst ever. Pretty easy, here.

I understand what Jalen is trying to say. Media pushing its pro white agenda. Whether you agree or disagree with that doesn’t matter in this example. Jimmy G is an absolute smoke-show. And I don’t want to hear the “what are you gay?” No I’m not gay but if you can’t look at Jimmy G and think this guy is perfect from the neck up, you’re the crazy one.

I mean look at this.

And Lamar isn’t even a bad looking dude. But you put him side by side with Jimmy and Jackson starts to resemble one of the live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In 20 years Jimmy G is going to look like George Clooney and Lamar is going to look like Flava Flav.

Jalen you can make the point but you have to pick someone better looking. No one is going to go toe to toe with Jimmy but at least get closer. Maybe Cam Newton, dude has high check bones and a perfect set of chicklets on him. Or Jalen could have went another way to prove his point. Eli Manning gets a ton of tv time, just sayin. You could go Manning face vs anyone and I’ll take the field.

Moral of the story is that Jimmy G is built like a Greek god. Maybe the tv does have a pro white agenda, I have no idea. But in terms of Jimmy it’s 100% about him being a model that just so happens to play football. Let me put it this way. If Jalen would have reached this hard back in 2006, maybe Kobe wouldn’t have dropped 81 on the Raptors.

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