We’ve Got A Coach Eating A Damn Clipboard In the KHL All Star Game


What the fuck was that? He bit the corner of that clip board straight off. This dude has the jaw strength of bull shark just cutting through that clip board like it’s a piece of bread. Take it easy Russia, Jesus. It’s a fucking All Star game. We’ve got Putin re-writing the Constitution to stay in power forever and we have this guy taking a piece out of his clipboard like it’s his favorite Soviet dessert. How the hell would we ever be able to defeat these animals if World War III ever happened? I was shocked how good the video was btw. I just assume everything in Russia is just filmed on dash cam video. Russian bum fights all hopped up on Stoli? Dash cam footage. Car crashes? Dash cam footage. Meteors? Dash cam footage. I didn’t think they had HD over in Motherland. Things you learn every day.

I love myself a nice clipboard break. Steve Kerr hates clip boards more than you hate anything in your life. Never seen a clip board he didn’t want to destroy. When he Bruce Lee’d the shit out of one of them in the NBA Finals I was enthralled. Best clipboard breaker in the game.

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