Wait, Did Eminem Steal A Line From Rone?


I’m not going to say yes but I’m definitely not going to say no. The line is virtually the same just changed out ‘C’ for ‘V’. And in case you haven’t heard, Eminem is a battle rapper himself. So odds of him watching king of the dot videos has to be fairly high. If I were a rap lyric investigator, I’d say I smell something fishy here. But it’s Eminem. No way would he steal a line. He is the OG of white battle rappers and as far as off the top free styles go, he’s one of the best ever. If you’ve never sen this video, stop what you’re doing and watch. It’s from behind the scenes of 8 Mile and Eminem destroys these extras like it was nothing.


So do I think he saw the battle from Rone and stole the line? Ehhhh maybe. But if you’re Rone this has to be the greatest honor of all time. This would be like if LeBron James busted out some random move in an NBA Finals game that he saw some kid in high school do. If I’m Rone I call up Eminem and tell him if he doesn’t put you on his next single you’re going to send him a C & D. And then I’d get off the phone giggling like a little school girl.

PS. If you haven’t seen the entire Rone vs Charron battle go check it out. Kid is an absolute unit on the mic.

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