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Welcome to the first edition of the Late Night Live Blog. Going to keep updating this with my random thoughts, opinions and non sense I’m watching on tv. Refresh often and comment with the bullshit you’re doing too. Let’s ride!

11:43: Am I the only person that gets super thirsty after eating some grapes?

11:35: This guy has a great point here.

Imagine a sloth that could run. Fuck that nonsense. They would be the scariest things on planet earth. Feel bad for spiders, they’d take a quick backseat on the terrifying power rankings.

11:19: Hawks just beat the Spurs in San Antonio for the first time since 1997.

None of the starters for Atlanta were even born last time this happened. Wild

11:12: Live PD is the best show on tv and it’s not even close. They just had a guy that was smoking catnip.


11:11: Make a wish everyone

11:05: Driving in the car tonight and Mya’s Case Of The Ex came on and I forgot how good that song is. Also in middle school I went through a big time Mya and really any girl that slightly resembles her phase.

10:50: I need to address this tweet from earlier.

Brit, you serious? We can’t make a joke about this chick looking like lil Bow Wow, which by the way, she looks more like Bow Wow than Bow Wow. All because she’s been through some tough times? (Insert Jennifer Lawrence ‘o ok’ gif) Yo Brit, did you forget this bitch trashed her own sister who was dating the guy her husband MURDERED??!!?! She basically help him do it. This little lil bow wow looking bitch is ruthless, so yeah, I think our joke is just fine

10:42: Just flipped over to Live PD. This chick is bleeding everywhere and telling the cops she went to George Washington University and that it’s the year 1918. Sadly there’s a better chance she got the year right than she went to college


Just saw this clip of Olaf getting down and I needed to share. My daughter has switched from Moana to Frozen and I have to say, the songs in that are all a banger. Let It Go, fucks. The First Time In Forever, slaps. In Summer, don’t even get me started.

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